Exioms (Exioms Theory Pvt. Ltd.) was established in Aug 2010 initially as an IT service provider and today we have a good team delicately working from 3 offices across India and 2 abroad (Canada and Dubai), pouring their professional strength that builds our capability and expertise. We have team members crowned with professional experienced of more than 15 years in Business process management, IT, Advertising, Branding and other areas. We have advisors and senior consultants from different industries that constitute our overall strength. We have more than 100 clients from Small business to industries such as KM Group, shubhBharat, AmarJyoti which are among the prominent ones.

Exioms Definition

Exioms is by definition is that particle that defines body of system, where we are exploring singularity of Technology, Aesthetic and Psychology. Exioms renders consultancy and solutions to human made system i.e. Business, Government and Non-Government in Information Technology, Advertising, Digital Strategy, Branding and TAP thinking.


Dream (Vision Statement): Connecting Dreams to achieve Singularity.


Mission statement: Evolving experience of Human-Technology Relationship through Innovation and Aesthetics.

Exioms Philosophy

Business Philosophy: Technology and People can Co-exist and Co-evolve by divorcing greed from necessity for ethical invention.

Design Philosophy: The world`s best usability design is the Nature itself.

Marketing Philosophy: Satisfaction and Admiration should be End-User Goal..