Exioms Levithan - Cloud Based School Management System

The world of education is changing, so are the ways of imparting them. Exioms Theory Pvt. Ltd has come forward to bring this refreshing change and College/School Management Software joined hands with IT to come up with unique software for the entire operations and management of university, colleges, schools, training institutes online.

College/School Management Software's flexible and interactive scheduling system manages and solves the most complex tasks in educational administration. It fulfills all the entire administrative and academic requirements in real time.

After in-depth analysis of the requirements of different institutes, Exioms has come up with this design of an Education ERP meant especially for Colleges/ School and other organizations.

We at Exioms provide an online software application, a multifaceted package, which provides sophisticated and superior technology, and aims at offering quality services to the education sector. The online tool helps you run your institution more efficiently and productively. The focus is to develop a robust connectivity among the stakeholders. It incorporates a large amount of education specific features that appeal to large education organizations. Along with student-related information and communication, the scalable software application enables secure transactions.

Core Features:

  • Admission & Enrollment
  • Student Management
  • Staff Management
  • Payroll
  • Student Attendance
  • School Inventory
  • Vendor Manager
  • Analytics
  • Inventory and Invoice Alerts
  • Reports - Student, Vendor, Staff, Inventory etc. we have 20 different kind of reports

Why Exioms Levithan?

  • Easy to understand and User friendly Interface that makes it simple to learn and operate.
  • Generates more than 450 powerful and useful MIS reports after automatic analysis of data
  • Low ownership and operating cost; gives better ROI. One can make payment in three easy installments.
  • Available in Desktop and Web Based Version
  • With the help of this Service the institute can deliver voice and text messages to Parents and Staff so the information is not missed on any end.
  • Exioms is implemented in minimum time including setup, user trainings and management of historical data.
  • Exioms provides interaction platform for Teachers, Parents and Students to fill the communication Gap.
  • Different version offerings for Small, Mid-Sized and big educational Institutions.

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