What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the new innovative way of delivering software services via the Internet in a self service fashion. Applications residing on the Cloud can be accessed from anywhere, which supports an Internet connection. Software Solutions residing in cloud follow OnDemand Model as compared to the old OnPremise Model. OnDemand Model offers considerable cost saving, better performance, scalability, ease of maintenance and better reliability.

Vendors opting for cloud computing have noticed a significant impact in their business strategies, helped them focus on core features and pushing the product out in the market rather than spending hours to ensure up-time and troubleshooting environmental errors.

What we do ?

At Exioms, we are backed with years of experience in developing enterprise applications. We have supported multiple platforms and cloud service vendors for our customers as per their requirement. In our past working experience we have developed and deployed solution on Amazon EC2 (S3, RDS), Rackspace, Slicehost and more. Our Cloud development Services include

  • Migration to Cloud
  • General Cloud based development
  • Amazon EC2 Development
  • Cloud Architecture Consulting
  • Development on Rackspace Platform
  • Maintenance and Support for Applications on Cloud
  • Internal or Private Cloud Implementation
  • Performance Management and Monitoring

Amazon EC2 Development Services

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is an ecosystem on which companies can develop and deploy web applications, which require scaling and high availability. In the recent past many companies have migrated or developed their web applications on this framework. Amazon EC2 is designed to make web-scale computing easier.

At Exioms, we have developed expertise and acquired immense knowledge on working, development and deployment on Amazon EC2 instances. We have had hands on experience on deploying web applications on EC2; Employing the use of RDS and S3 in developing web applications; doing integration testing; Load Balancing; Cluster configuration; automate creation of custom AMIs and much more.

Management, a small word but a highly responsive work. We are proud that are all employees understand and are very well capable of managing resources and to make their optimal use. We are using our this strength here as well to properly manage Amazon's Java API to perform operations like create, update & delete of EC2 instances along with other managing activities. As an Amazon account is required to perform all these operations which comes with paying to Amazon on usage basis, so we keep the focus in our approach to make the optimal use of the resources appropriately to obtain the desired results under a set timeframe to avoid unnecessary expenses by keeping the instances busy when not required.

Being capable of using Amazon's services we are able to setup the application on an EC2 instance either on Windows or Linux environment. By Using Amazon's base AMIs we can create our own instances on the fly.

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